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Have you heard of social media, social bookmarking, blogging, forums, RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr? Confused with Web 2.0?

What is the hype? It’s the talk of the town and everybody is doing it. However, is it of any use as a tool for marketing? And why aren’t you using it yet?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a term that describes the act of using social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other collaborative Internet form of media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service.

Human interaction is the new currency, with content published by users with the aim to create buzz, connect with like-minded people and building conversations.

"Social media isn't just about big networks like Facebook and MySpace, it's about brands having conversations."
- Lloyd Salmons, first chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau social media council

Why is Social Media important for your business?

These days it’s nearly impossible for you to do business on the Internet and not be talked about on the various blogs, forums, and other sites. Whether it’s by customers, clients, or ex-employees, you’re going to be talked about online.

  • Be part of the online conversation, engage the community.
  • Monitor and control online discussions to ensure it has a positive impact on your brand/image.
  • Attract a large number of users exposed to content that is sometimes not accessible via the search engines.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

  1. Better search engine rankings. With universal search results, you can dominate the 1st page with links from videos, articles, image, blogs and your main website.
  2. Huge amount of direct traffic to your website. Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube have millions of visitors everyday. Having your website prominently visible will spike your traffic fast, which will be also result in long term traffic to your website.
  3. Higher conversions. Social media sites are based on communities and building relationships within that community.  People like to buy from people that they already know, like, and trust. If people already KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you before they even hit your web site, your website sales conversions will definitely increase.
  4. Reduced overall marketing expense. Because of the community nature of social marketing channels, people will tell their friends about your website, product or service if they have a positive experience. This spreads virally without any additional effort or marketing costs incurred by you.
  5. Engagement.  People who use your product/service will have an opinion about it, and they will voice their opinions through social media. As a business owner, you should know exactly what they are saying, good or bad. If someone sings your praises, you can share that with your network or use it as a testimonial on your website. If someone tweets a complaint about your product/service, you can address it and ideally change their mind. If you can show your customers/clients that you care and listen, that will definitely strengthen relationships.

“On average, 48% of businesses engaging in social media marketing generated qualified leads, and 35% said social media helped them close more deals”

“A majority of business owners do not understand, or are not actively engaged in social media. 72% of marketers are just getting started or have been only using social media for a few months! This represents a huge opportunity for your business to have the first-mover’s advantage”

What you will get with AdVantage SEO’s Social Media Marketing Services

  1. Reputation Management. Controlling the conversation about your brand is vital to managing your online reputation. We will identify the social media channels and help you engage the community, promoting your company’s desired image.

    • Monitor and properly deal with negative publicity online.
    • Increase your share of voice online with positive publicity – this will boost consumer confidence, and also help you seal business deals with potential investors and business partners.
  2. Link development. With a focus on your company’s target audience, we will develop links that point targeted users in your direction and increase your visibility and credibility in the search engines.
    • More links to your website equates to more votes of confidence for yourbusiness.
    • We will syndicate your company’s content through blogs, article networks, video portals, social bookmarking directories and other social media channels to help your site climb up the search engine rankings
  3. Social Media placements. Specify the customers you want to target and reach into the social world to engage them with smart ad copy, video, and other interactive tools.
    • We will create and customize the marketing collateral to actively engage your target audience though social media channels.
  4. Monthly management reports.
    • Defined goals for accurately measuring ROI. 

Social Media Marketing is our speciality

Social media marketing is one of the most rapidly changing fields in online marketing. New networks appear every week, expanding the avenues to populate your content online. This affects visitor trends and search influence as well.

Utilizing the power of social media optimization (SMO) to target and promote your business is an ongoing process. We offer dedicated, focused programs to manage your online reputation and place your company as the online authority in your field.

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As you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to invest in social media marketing, and this was only a small sample. To learn more about what AdVantage SEO can do for you, please contact AdVantage SEO today or call us on +65 9450 0295.

P.S: At AdVantageSEO, we work closely with you to develop and manage your online. Our professional staff are passionate about social marketing since we use it ourselves on a daily basis. We stay abreast of this shifting market, and focus our effort on sites that matter and can affect a change for our clients. Contact us today!