Case Studies


InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

The Task:

  • Objective of the engagement is to increase the growth in organic traffic in 6 months period by 15-20%.
  • We handled the SEO consultancy for EMEA region for over 50 web pages, including markets like Dubai, Japan, Australia to SEA countries.
  • We work with the Global SEO team that seats in US to align the strategies for EMEA region and implement them locally.
  • We worked closely with the EMEA team on SEO Site Audit, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, On-page & Quick-win Strategies.


  • One of the biggest challenge is Keyword Allocation Strategy. 
  • As the business is huge with a number of similar pages and different marketing campaigns running concurrently, we need to make sure that while we recommend a certain keyword for a particular landing page, we need to make sure that it does not cannibalise with another page which may already be ranked for this Keyword already.
  • For example: “Singapore Hotels”, which IHG Brand should come up first in Google?
  • The landing pages are build out of a global template and there are legacy restrictions in making SEO changes on certain pages.



iBuy Group (Ensogo)

The Task:

  • iBuy is merging 8 different URLs of its different brands, Ensogo, BeeCrazy, etc under one single brand of Ensogo.
  • For example: For Malaysia, redirecting, and to

Our Role:

  • We are appointed to work on a migration and URL re-direction framework, oversees the processes and minimise the drop in organic traffic due to the migration.


  • One of the biggest challenge for this project is to understand the different URL structure of each site and doing the actual URL mapping from the old URLs to the equivalent URLs in the new site. 
  • This step is critical so that users who had found the old urls on Google should be directed to the correct page in the new site. If they were directed to a wrong landing page or even the homepage, the user experience would be compromised and conversion rate and sales would be affected.


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We start our engagement with Clients by diving into their Website Analytics, in order to provide a data-driven Digital Marketing Consultancy on the most efficient strategy and tactics. Some of the services we provide includes, SEO & SEM, improving User Experience (UX), Website Analytics insights and Conversion Optimisation of sales funnels, to allow Clients to meet their goals!

Many of our engagements with our clients will begin as one project and evolve to many others. This is due to the fact that trust is something that we earn and not something that is given. Our satisfied clients often refer their business associates to us.

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