"How To Get Your Website In Front of Millions Of Potential Customers Using Search Engine Marketing?”

AdVantage SEO –Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultancy Services.

Had you tried Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your business and been paying huge amounts and yet being disappointed with the results? Keyword competition is extremely high and everyone is battling to be in the top position. Doing it yourself is risky as without proper SEM Management, your credit card bills will sky-rocket!

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an online advertising program that allows an advertiser to pay only for each time a consumer clicks on the advertisement. This in turn directs that user to the advertisers’ website. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is useful to businesses because advertisers are only paying for advertising that brings them potential clients.

Why should you use Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Fine tune your advertisement based on the consumer journey. While using traditional and above-the-line marketing helps creates a strong brand name for your products or services, you would never know when a customer would be READY to buy your products.

  1. Target prospects with 'buying' keywords. SEM helps you to reach out to your customers when they are searching for your product or services, which means they are ready to buy. Ensure they see your ads online, and not your competitors.
  2. Compliment organic search result listings. SEM can compliment the natural organic listings and direct 3x the additional visitors to a website to generate more business and is ideal for a new business that has just constructed a website as it provides a medium for immediate results before any SEO has kicked in.
  3. Great for short term, time-sensitive tactical campaigns. SEM is also a great way to promote a short term offer where it would simply take too long to rank organically or the offer is or a limited period only and organic SEO would not be appropriate.
  4. “Hijack” Competitor Traffic – Clients are able to place an Ad when users search for their competitors. This tactic help Clients to interrupt users from buying from competing brands and consider their offer instead. 
  5. Flexibility - Easily set your daily advertising budget and select keywords based on your target audience to maximize the exposure to people who are interested in your product or service.
  6. Calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) with statistical reports showing you how many times your advertisement was displayed, clicks and conversion rate.
  7. Get started immediately in as little as 2 working days.


Its all about Quality Score

Do you know the advertiser appearing above you in the SEM listings may actually be paying LESS than you? The positioning and the cost of each click in Google is not based upon a 'highest' bid process, it is based upon the Google Quality Score.

How much you pay for each click on your advertisement is a combination of various factors:

  • Keyword relevance
  • Quality of your landing page
  • Advertisement relevancy
  • Bid price for each keyword
  • The number of clicks your advertisement receives (click-through rate, CTR)


What you will get with our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

1. SEM strategy.

  • Analyzing your business, who your customers are, your key SEM objectives

2. Keyword research.

  • Keyword Popularity, Relevance, Competition.
  • Take into account mis-spellings, brand names, negative keywords, combination of broad-match and exact-match.
  • Discover relevant Keywords used by Competitors

3. Set up of SEM campaigns on selected networks.

4. Review of your landing pages.

  • Improve your Quality Score to ensure you achieve the lowest cost-per-click

5. Perform A/B testing on Ad-text.

  • To attain maximum click-through rate (CTR) and hence reduce Cost and increase Conversion Rates.

6. Interpretation of Analytics data.

  • Identify top conversion keywords and include variations into your text Ads.

7. Campaign Optimisation & Maintenance.

  • Constant review of ads to eliminate poorly performing ads and deliver maximum ROI.
  • Constant testing and refinement of keywords, removing keywords with low conversions.

8. Monthly management reports.


SEM Campaign Management is our speciality

At AdVantage Digital, ongoing optimisation and maintenance of your account is one of our key strengths.

Whilst the SEM model is simple, and the return on investment (ROI) can be superb, effective management of any SEM campaign requires both a thorough understanding of the particular network and staff resource to refine the campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Our main goal is to get your website to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing by using our knowledge and expertise. We will provide a plan that is catered to your needs as a company, and we will advise you of what will work best to get you the clicks that you want.

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